Pre-Paid Passes

In our efforts to make daycare affordable and convenient for the busiest of pet owners we offer our Platinum Daycare Plan. This is a commitment-free plan that is paid and used by the month and is loaded with perks and benefits!

*Unlimited Daycare - That's right! All month long you can bring your pet in any time during our daycare hours without a reservation prior. Full day, half day, an hour here and there- doesn't matter! We've got you covered!

*Discounted Boarding Rates - For the duration of your Platinum Plan, enjoy 50% off our boarding rates for overnight stays. Holidays may be excluded. 

*Extended Pick-up Times - We understand things come up, and that's why when you're on the Platinum Plan, we grant an additional 15 minute grace-period before any additional fees may be acquired. 

*Retail Discounts - Enjoy  5% off ALL retail purchases. 

          Due to the nature of the Platinum Plan, each pet does require their pwn plan, however a 10% discount is applied to the second pet in the same family. 

Wow! Our best deal ever!

Pay As You Go

Our Pre-Paid daycare passes* make sending your pet to play easier and more affordable. With multiple options to choose from there is a pass to suit every dog's daycare needs. 
The same pass can be conveniently used for multiple dog homes- there's no need to buy one for each pet.** All of your pass information is kept securely in our system complete with usage history and remaining credits- there's no card or voucher to carry around and potentially forget! 

  • 5 Visit Pass ($90):Great for the occasional visit 
  • 10 Visit Pass ($160):Great for more regular visits and/or multiple dog families
  • 15 Visit Pass ($225):Great for more frequent visits and/or multiple dog families

  • 10 Visit Half Day Pass ($110):Great for shorter regular visits and/or multiple dog families
  • 18 Visit Half Day Pass ($200):Ideal for shorter, more frequent visits and/or multiple dog families

*All pre-paid passes expire 1 year from the date of purchase

**Excludes Platinum Pass

  • Full Day ($20): A full day of fun and play for your furkid anytime during our daycare hours.
  • Half Day ($15):Up to 4 hours of play for your furkid while you run errands or keep appointments.
  • Hourly ($5/Hour):Perfect for young puppies, beginning daycare guests, or warming up to a boarding stay. 

Platinum Daycare Plan -$275

Whether you'd like to pay by the month, by the day, or even by the hour- we've got a plan for you! We offer an assortment of pre-paid daycare passes for your convenience. You also just may qualify for an additional discount for multiple dogs, military and law enforcement workers, and so much more....