Monday October 24th
Sunday November 13th


Pre-Booking Daycare

Monday October 24th- Sunday November 13th

Prepaid passes may ONLY be used on pre-booked services. 
Pre-booked Daycare Pricing: $26 Full Day, $18 Half Day 

All walk-ins will be charged by the day. If you wish to use previously purchased passes, the difference will be collected at check-in. 
Walk-in Daycare Pricing: $35 Full Day, $25 Half Day

To pre-book your pet's daycare services during this time, please submit online requests before noon the day prior. All bookings will be charged in full upon booking. 

Cancellation requests processed through your online account with more than 48 hours notice to the day of services are eligible for a full refund to your payment method on file. 
Shorter-notice cancellations may be eligible for a partial refund with a minimum of 24 hours notice. 

All Service Requests and Cancellation Requests MUST be processed through your online account. We are not currently taking bookings by phone. 

We will be making our daily agendas to reflect the limited capacity we will be able to accommodate while our play yards are under construction, and filling in all additional time with educational content and team-wide training opportunities for our team members. 
Reducing lobby traffic and unscheduled events is critical to successfully rotating our team members through their ongoing training.


New Guest Interviews ON HOLD

Monday October 24th- Monday November 14th

We will NOT be conducting New Guest Interviews during this time. 

New Guest interviews will make their return as 3-session Enrollment Courses mid-November.

For more information and updates, see our Enrollment Course Page.

Boarding Drop-Off

Monday 24th-Sunday November 13th

All Boarding Intake appointments will conclude at 4pm* Monday-Friday, and 3pm* on Saturday & Sundays to ensure all overnight guests are checked in, given time to potty/ play before closing, and are on-site for our dinner feeding routine. 

Boarding arrivals after 4pm, including last minute changes from daycare to boarding, are subject to a $35 convenience uncharge. 

Top Dogs Members are exempt from this temporary change!

*1 hour prior for Traditional Boarding Guests


Last-Hour Boarding Appointments Reserved for Top Dogs Members Only

Monday 24th-Sunday November 13th

The high-demand last hour of appointments each day will be reserved for TOP DOGS MEMBERS only. 

This will allow us to keep flexibility in place for our Top Dogs Members whose appointments tend to be swift and simple due to frequency, and keep our daytime appointments open for other guests. 

Late arrival in this hour for your earlier appointment times are subject to a convenience fee of $15. 

Hours Reserved for Top Dogs Members

Weekdays: 6pm-7pm

Weekends: 4pm-5pm

Arrivals after dinner for guests who are unfamiliar with our facility often delay our closing crew an hour or more to get your pets comfortable for the night. 
Because our team members will be participating in educational training classes during the day, they will depend on the predictability of no evening arrivals to ensure our closing procedures are completed each day.


Mid-Day Lobby Closures

Tuesday October 25th-Sunday November 13th

Our lobby will be CLOSED for team training 11am-3pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

We will not be taking appointments during this time. 

Limited Complimentary Bath Openings

Monday October 24th-Sunday November 13th

Our complimentary Refresher baths for stays of 5+ nights will be honored in the order booked.
We will be limiting these services to two 3-hour windows each day, early morning and mid-day. 
Once our daily complimentary bath windows are full, we will be unable to accommodate additional services. We strongly recommend booking your pet's stay in advance.


We will be accepting as many appointments as we can reasonably render services for.