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Our Philosophy

Keeping your pets safe and healthy while in our care is a responsibility we don't take lightly. While we can't prevent all illness and injury, we can sure try. We have an assortment of precautions and policies in place for your pet's safety. 

Vaccine Policy & Services

Safety Precautions & Injury Protocol

Wellness Policy and Precautions


Vaccine Policy & Services

Our easiest defense against common canine illnesses is preventative care.

Rest assured, we require any dog in our facility for any service to be up to date with Rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella vaccinations. We will happily assist you in obtaining these records by contacting your vet for you! For your convenience, you can upload records directly to your online account as well. 

Expired records? We've got you covered. We are able to administer Bordetella and DHPP vaccines on-site. This service is $14 per vaccine, and does NOT include a well-check.

We offer this service as an add-on as well as standalone. Appointments are just ten minutes, and can be booked completely online! 


Vaccination FAQ

I know my pet is up to date, but I am unable to provide records, can you take them anyway?

Unfortunately for the safety of our other guests, we can not accept animals into our care without proof of vaccinations.

Do you accept Titer tests in place of vaccinations?

Yes! What matters is that your pet has defense against these common illnesses.

My puppy is too young for Rabies vaccine. Can we still come?

Absolutely. Puppies are more than welcome to come play, but will need to be vaccinated by 6 months for rabies.

Do you accept hand-written records?

We are able to accept home prepared records as long as they include the manufacturer stickers. We are unable to honor expiration dates that exceed the manufacturer recommendation for records not produced by a licences vet.


Safety Measures

Temperament Screening

We require all guests to go through what we call our "interview" to ensure they are of a disposition that is safe and appropriate for open play. Not all dogs enjoy this kind of environment, and that's ok! Your pet will not be directly in contact with any knowingly aggressive or overly reactive dogs.

Supervision and Safe 1:15 Ratios

Unlike with childcare, there are not laws in Utah to prevent businesses from unsafe staffing. We aim to keep our ratios around one person to each 15 guests participating in open-play to ensure our team is able to give proper care. There is always direct supervision of the yards, and ongoing training of team members.

Multiple Play Groups

We separate dogs by both size and temperament. 
Our tiniest guests have their own designated play area, and medium-large dogs are separated into groups with healthy play dynamics. Constant supervision allows us to shift the play groups and avoid dangerous dynamics, giving short breaks to those who benefit from it.

Ongoing Staff Training

Regular meetings, newsletters, and training clinics for staff ensure they're up to speed on managing the play groups, pet first aid, and any special accommodations our guests need to ensure their safety and enjoyment.

Grey Cat

Injury Protocol

Dogs play with their mouths, paws, and claws, and full body weight. Even appropriate play can result in injuries, especially for short hair pups with a rowdy play style. Just like kids on a playground, sometimes injuries are unavoidable. 

Minor injuries are treated on-site when appropriate. 

If veterinary care is deemed necessary, every effort to honor clinic preferences will be made. 

If your pet is injured or showing signs of illness, we honor the terms of our contract and will seek care on your pet's behalf. 


Wellness Policy

We are only able to render services to pets who are in good health and free of contagious illness. Pets who are sick upon arrival will be unable to be left for any service at any time. 

The stress of boarding can often present itself in decreased appetite or digestive distress. Occasionally pets develop symptoms beyond normal stress markers. 

Pets who become sick while in our care are separated until pick-up can be facilitated.

If prompt pickup is not possible, pets will be transferred to veterinary care. If a contagious diagnosis is given, they will be unable to return to Ruff House until well. We are unable to knowingly house sick animals. Any balances paid exceeding services rendered at the time of care transfer are applied to the veterinary invoice.

Please disclose any pre existing conditions that your pet has that may be mistaken for illness. 


Wellness Precautions

Facility Cleanliness

Kennels are deep cleaned and sanitized after each boarding guest. Our entire facility is cleaned twice daily top to bottom with a solution effective against most common canine illnesses including kennel cough, parvo, and staph.  
Urine and feces are promptly cleaned up and the area sanitized. 
From sanitizing walls to scrubbing the cracks in the cement, no corner is left uncleaned 365 days per year.

Four-Point Check

Each guest is given a four-point check before being introduced to the boarding suites or play groups. They are given a look-over and evaluation of eyes, nose, ears, and body. 
We are looking for signs of illness, and existing injuries. Not all pets who are harboring illness will show symptoms, but if illness is suspected, we are unable to render services.

Vaccine Policy Enforcement

Aside form the few veterinarian-approved exceptions with Rabies vaccination, we enforce our vaccine policy as our promise to take every reasonable precaution to avoid illness. Current titer results are accepted in place of vaccines.

Daily Wellness Reports

Boarding guests are observed each day for any signs of illness or injury, and recorded morning and night. Any observations made or changes noticed are recorded.

Supervision & Observation

Daycare and boarding guests in our care are supervised directly. We are able to observe symptoms and promptly handle visible symptoms appropriately, with prompt separation of any guest showing any alarming symptoms.

Video Surveillance

Our facility is fit with security cameras throughout. If ever we are unsure which pup had a bout of diarrhea or vomiting, footage is reviewed, leaving nothing to question. Any overnight symptoms that developed can be given accurate timeline. 


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