Boarding Services

Our boarding guests join our daycare crew during the day and play in our supervised and monitored play groups. We do kennel for feeding, and overnight.
Boarding is charged per night. Drop-off can be scheduled any time during business hours. We strongly encourage morning-early afternoon drop-offs to allow for plenty of playtime before bedtime. 
ALL boarding stays of two or more nights get a COMPLIMENTARY refresher bath just before their scheduled check-out time to ensure they go home fresh and clean!


Drop Off & Pick Up Hours

Drop-off Hours

Monday-Friday: 7:30am-7pm 

Saturday: 9am-5pm

Sunday: By appointment only

Pick-Up Hours

Monday-Friday: 8:00am-12:00pm

Saturday: 10:00am-12:00pm

Sunday: By appointment only


Boarding Pricing

Our boarding services are charged by the night. We do offer multi-pet discounts for pets boarding in the same suite overnight, as well as extended-stay pricing.
Each boarding booking includes a complimentary Refresher bath! This service is rendered as close to your scheduled pickup time as possible. 
Boarding pickup after 12pm can be accommodated, and will incur a discounted daycare rate per pet of $15.
As with all of our services, booking is completely online, and requests are reviewed and confirmed promptly.


Single Dog

On the 8th night of a boarding stay, this rate drops to $25/night. 


Price per each second & third dog occupying same suite.

on the 8th night of a boarding stay, this rate drops to $22 per pet per night. 

22/ night

Price per each additional pet occupying the same suite.

On the 8th night of a boarding stay, this rate drops to $20/night


Optional Comfort Add-Ons

You're welcome to book as many additional add-ons to your pet's stay as you'd like!


Mental Stimulation Chew


Concerned your pet may struggle to settle overnight? We can provide an all-natural chew to your pet each night at bedtime to help settle their minds, and soothe into a restful night's sleep. 

We see decreased anxiety markers, and minimized kennel aversion when pet's have a new, mentally stimulating chew each night to occupy them. Add them to your pet's stay at a discounted rate! Unless specified, your pet will be given a mix of the options during their stay. 

Buffalo Bully Stick (Honey Coated)
Buffalo Liver Wafer (Honey Coated)
Buffalo Ear (Honey Coated)
Cow Ear

& More
Pig Snout

One-on-One Play


Open-play with canine friends is great, but some pets really thrive with individual, one-on-one attention and toy playtime. 
This service offers a minimum of 15 minutes of focused play-time between your pet and one of our team members. You get to specify how you'd like that time spent. 
Fetch, tug, belly rubs, deep conversation? We can do that. 

Service includes a photo update of your pet and report on how they are doing, view-able in the client portal.


Walking Service


This is a 15 minute one-on-one walk with a qualified staff member, with a photo! 
Price is per walk, per pet. 
Walks will be evenly distributed per day of your pet's booking unless otherwise indicated. 
Limit of 2 walks per pet per day.

Please specify: Jog/ Run or Leisurely walk. 
Leash Manner reinforcement and practice: +$2

Traditional boarding guests do get exercise and potty breaks every 2-3 hours. 
Though any daycare and boarding guest can add this service, priority scheduling will go to Traditional Boarding Guests. 

A well-fitted flat buckle or martingale collar in good repair must be provided. We will not use flexi leashes, all walks are on a standard 6" Nylon leash.


Traditional Boarding Services

In the Beginning

We offer traditional boarding services for our canine guests who are not suitable for open-play daycare. 
Our Traditional boarding suites are limited to 4, and are in a separate space, away from the play yards. We limit how many traditional guests we have at any given time to ensure each dog gets plenty of attention from the staff and we have adequate time to rotate their playtime throughout the day. 
This service is ideal for adult dogs who are not spayed/ neutered, as well as dogs who do not enjoy the chaos and energy of open-play. Traditional boarding guests are still required to be up to date with bordetella, distemper, and rabies vaccines but do not need to pass our daycare interview, or be dog-friendly. They must be able to be safely handled by our staff members.
We are unable to accept extremely aggressive boarding guests, and pregnant or in active heat females. We will gladly give referrals for facilities equipped to meet the needs of guests we can not accommodate. 
Our traditional boarding rates are the same as open-play, and as always: stays over two nights get a complimentary bath just before scheduled check-out.


Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring with my dog for their boarding stay?

We do ask that boarding guests come with the food they are used to eating, necessary medications and supplements, and any chews or toys you'd like your pet to have overnight. An easily laundered blanket from home is welcome. Please be aware that many dogs who are not normally destructive will destroy their bedding while boarding.

What should I NOT bring with my dog for their boarding stay?

Please leave all bowls, valuable items, and food in excess of what will be used for their stay at home. We also do not allow rope-style toys or rawhides to be given for safety concerns. Plus or stuffed beds should be left at home.

My pet has a special diet. Can their needs be accommodated?

Yes! We have fridge and freezer access and are happy to comply with home-prepared cooked and raw diets. Much of our staff are experienced raw feeders. Anything left over if not consumed will be sent home with you at pick-up.

How will I know how my pet handles boarding?

Each boarding guest will go home with a boarding card that is updated at least twice daily with how their appetite was, and anything notable our staff notices. You may also call or email at any time during business hours to check on your pet. If our staff notices anything alarming, we will make every attempt to contact you immediately to discuss.

How far in advance should I book my boarding reservation?

We can almost always accommodate short-notice boarding guests, however during holiday weeks and school district breaks we do often hit capacity and have to deny reservation requests. We advise making boarding reservations as soon as you are sure of the dates you will need.

Why is pick-up done by appointment? What should I do if our plans change?

We do boarding pick-up by scheduled appointment because your pet's boarding stay of two or more nights included a complimentary refresher bath. We aim to render this service as close to your scheduled pick up time as possible and it is generally completed 30-60 minutes before your pick-up appointment to ensure dry time. Unless otherwise requested, your freshly-bathed pet will not be placed back into a play group before check out time. If your plans change please let us know ASAP to avoid pickup up an unbathed pet or your pet having prolonged kennel time.  If you are unable to inform us of your early arrival, you may be sent home with a damp dog. If your pet's bath has not been given yet, you will be given the option to wait while the service is rendered if we are able to, or forego the bath. Please know that scheduling decisions are made based on projected traffic and we may be able to accommodate immediate unexpected bath services.


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