Through the remainder of 2022, we are taking the time to refine and perfect our Enrollment Courses before offering them to new guests in 2023.

As the holidays approach, we must limit our Enrollment Courses to those seeking Top Dogs Memberships so we can ensure your pet is familiar with our facility, and our team is acquainted with your pet prior to holiday boarding. 


Enrollment Course

Coming January 2023

Your Top Dog's safety and enjoyment are our top priority. Before we can best serve you and your pet(s) we require each new friend to go through our Enrollment Course to allow us to become acquainted with them, their play style, their suitability for our service offerings, and their comfort levels with our team members and environment. 

Your dog's enrollment course includes an initial assessment day (done by appointment only) as well as two warm-up days you may use with flexibility that suits your schedule. This allows each of our new canine friends to come and go, meet additional team members, and build positive experiences with our facility and team before being left for overnight care. 


Day 1: Initial Evaluation



Check-In is at 10am

We will collect important information from you that will help us give your Top Dog the most positive experience possible before giving you a full, transparent tour of our facility. 

We will give you important information about our services and practices, and answer any questions you may have. 

Class is dismissed at 10:30am for Pet Parents, and our team will begin their assessments. 

Your Dog's Day

Your pup will be evaluated for open-play suitability by a qualified pet professional and will be observed in up to 3 play groups.

We will assess your pet's comfort with basic handling, and which of our service menu items they most enjoy or would benefit from most. 

You will receive updates throughout the day- you do not need to be available to respond, they are just for your peace of mind.


Go-Home Time

Class is dismissed at 3pm, and Progress Reports are rendered to summarize your pet's experience.

At this time, your pup is ready for pickup! 

If you will be picking up later in the day with the rest of our usual daycare guests, we will arrange a time with you upon drop-off for a quick phone call to go over our assessment and address any questions you might have and schedule your warm-up days, keeping pick-up quick and easy. 

Not available for a call? We get it! We are happy to send our report via email, and can even schedule a follow-up call the following days. 

Warm-Up Days

Your pet’s Enrollment Course includes two additional warm-up days that we will schedule following their initial assessment. 

This allows your dog to become familiar with our team members and facility before being left for overnight care. The high-energy environment is very stimulating and we see a HUGE increase in enjoyment in our guests who have been given an opportunity to properly acclimate to the unique environment. 

It also affords us the opportunity to get to know them better, observe any unique mannerisms, and be well-acquainted with them, their preferences, and care needs. 



Common Inquiries

Can my pet come to Ruff House without taking the enrollment course?

Our Enrollment Course is designed to give our team the information we need to best care for your dog's unique needs and to give your pet the most positive experience possible. 
If you do not have time to complete an Enrollment Course before needing overnight care for your pet, we MAY be able to complete the course during your pet's stay. Use the contact form below to contact our Lodging crew.

When can my dog complete their warm up days?

Your pet has 10 days from their initial assessment day to use their warm-up days. 
Generally, we try to schedule them upon completion of our initial assessment. 
Warm-up days can be scheduled any day of the week, including Sunday.

What if my pet does not enjoy their assessment day?

We will let you know what your pet enjoyed, didn't enjoy, and if we recommend continuing their Enrollment Course.
We will work with you to determine the best course of action for your pet based on their suitability and your needs. 
In the event that we determine together that it is in your dog's best interest to NOT complete the course we will issue a refund of up to $20 or a store credit of up to $30 to use as you please on other services or retail.

Does my dog need to take the Enrollment Course if they will NOT be participating in open-play?

Even our Traditional Boarding guests benefit from acclimating to the environment, and getting to know our team members.

How long does my pet need to stay?

The first day curriculum begins at 10am and concludes at 3pm. All other warm up days can be scheduled for as little as 2 hours and up to all day- whatever works best for you and your pet!


Enrollment Course Application

If you are seeking holiday boarding AND are able to bring your pet in regularly to acclimate before hand, please fill out the form below and a member of our management team will contact you within 2 business days. 
We are unable to accept holiday boarding guests we will be unable to get to know before overnight boarding.

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