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Updates Week of December 21, 2020


Boarding Pick Up & Drop Off

As always, please let us know if your boarding pick up and drop off appointments need adjusting. 
These are set appointments, and we appreciate your cooperation. Through the holidays, we do have appointments every 15 minutes most business hours. Let us know if your plan changes, we will do our best to meet your needs!
Picking up early may result in foregoing your pet's complimentary bath.


Facility Capacity: Reservations Required

The following days we will be limiting daycare guests to those with reservations only, as well as Top Dogs Members. 

Wednesday, December 23

Saturday, December 26

Monday, December 28

Tuesday, December 29

If you are seeking daycare services these days, please hop on the client portal and make your reservation! We will approve reservations in the order received, but will need to limit the number for the safety of our guests and staff. 


Holiday Hours

We are CLOSED for all appointments December 24th &  December 25th. 

Our team will be in throughout the day to care for the dog's needs, render add-on services, and send important updates. To allow for additional time with family, we do not staff our lobby or office on these days.

If you need to make an adjustment to your booking or make contact, please use the client portal- we will not be taking or returning calls. 


Daycare Guests with Meals

Unless your dog has a medical condition requiring frequent meals, please leave lunch at home. Our kennel space is very limited, and each time one is used we do a deep clean of all surfaces before reusing. 

Minimizing the number of lunch guests for daycare will really help our team. 

(pssst: most of our regular lunch guests would much rather spend those 2 hours in the play yard anyway and most have no interest in their meal.

If you're unsure of if your pet is benefitting from their meal time with us, don't hesitate to ask! We will happily give you honest feedback.)


Grooming & New Guest Interview Calendars

Our Full Service and Basic grooming calendars are completely booked through December 29th.

We have openings for all grooming services beginning December 30th! Our Large Dog grooming appointments do fill up fast!

Our Interview calendar is full through December 29th. We have limited spaces available 


Kennel Cough Season

In 12 years we have never seen such an active Kennel Cough season in Utah County. 
Please leave pets experiencing ANY symptoms at home. With a full-house, we may see cases over the holiday but absolutely must do everything in our power to keep our guests safe and healthy. 
- Coughing
- Runny eyes and/ or nose
- diarrhea
- vomiting
Though kennel cough usually passes on its own with no treatment, we will seek vet care for any guests who develop symptoms.

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