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We run a number of promotions and events throughout the year. Between our website, social media, and newsletters there's almost always something to look forward to!
Please include the code for the promotion you are seeking in your booking requests. These are manual adjustments, so you may not see the price reflected in your booking right away, that's ok!


February 2020


Daycare Bounceback

Book a full or half day of daycare services in the first half of the month, and get a FREE duplicate booking on the day of your choice the second half of the month. Complimentary duplicate will INCLUDE any qualifying add-on services in your initial booking. You may collect as many bounceback days as you'd like the first half of the month, but bounceback days must be booked by February 29th. This offer may not be combined with any other discount.
Add-ons that qualify to duplicate: Refresher bath, spa bath, Nail Trim, Nail Dremel, Ear Cleaning, Gland Expression, Walking Service, One-on-One Play.

Brown Dog

Phase 1

January 1st-15th
Book a single day of daycare at regular price with any qualifying add-on services you'd like. 
Code: WebBOGO

Phase 2

January 16-29th
Come back for a FREE Bounceback day that is an exact duplicate of your promotional booking, all add-ons included!

Two Dogs

Low Cost Vaccines

Saturday Feb 15th, 12pm-3pm

We offer Bordetella and DHPPv vaccination for dogs 6 days per week for just $14 per vaccine. Reservations are not required but are appreciated.
On Saturday,Feb 8th, 12pm-3pm we will be offering them by appointment for $12 each. Appointments are just 10 minutes long, and pets must be of a disposition they are able to be reasonably and safely handled by staff.
This should NOT serve as a replacement to your annual veterinary check-up.     
Code: WebVax



February 17th- 22nd

Who: Puppies 6 months and under
What: Come enjoy unlimited daycare for one week for just $60! Bring your newest family member for some playtime and socialization all week!

PLUS, participants have the opportunity to purchase any of our prepaid passes at a 10% discounted rate, to continue enjoying services outside of puppy week!

Don't have a puppy yourself? Refer a friend that has a qualifying pet, and receive the same deal for your dignified adult once they sign up!

February Puppy Party Week passes will be available for purchase in the client portal Feb. 1

* Limit 1 discounted pass purchase per person.
* Participating pets must meet our requirements for daycare participation. We can administer age appropriate vaccines in-house!
*Must be able to provide reasonable proof of age estimate.


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